Blair Halver is known as the most sought after audio trainer and freelancer consultant in the Reality TV Industry. He is famous for creating wildly rewarding audio careers that stand on integrity and excellence without sacrificing your time freedom and balance in life.

This FREE 3-part video training series is designed to get you going TODAY.  Blair will reveal how he built an exciting audio career, turned it into the lifestyle he wanted, and what you can do to build your career STARTING RIGHT NOW.

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Must-Watch Training Videos Show You:

  • How to jump start your Reality TV sound career and get your first few gigs.
  • The one key element to KEEP you working in Reality TV as much as you want.
  • The fundamental differences you need to know about Reality TV sound from any other type of audio work so you don’t blow your first few gigs.
  • A look at the equipment you’ll be working with as a Reality Sound Mixer and how to use it so you don’t look like a total noob.

“Breaking Into Reality TV Sound”

Totally Free 3-Part Video Training

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